We offer 

 Nannies with relevant background and education.

 Careful background checks for a guaranteed safe service.


 Extra services such as help with homework and cooking.

 Follow-up and quality review.

 An all legal service with statutory taxes and social fees included in the price.

  All administration of the RUT deduction.

Nanny Service 

 We schedule a Nanny for you the day and time you want.

 We present a Nanny who lives or works close to where your live.

 The choice of Nanny also depends on the number of children, the ages of the children and your specific requirements.

 If a Nanny can’t attend, we quickly present a replacement.

 We regularly make quality controls to ensure the childcare fulfils our quality standards.

Nanny + Housekeeping 

 Combine childcare with our housekeeping service and qualify for discount from the first hour.

 We offer all kinds of housekeeping by our partnering company Carde Städpartner.

 Choose housekeeping once or every second week.

 Our housekeepers are experienced and trained by a certified instructor.

Temporary employment and recruitment

 Do you run a preschool or other kind of childcare and need to fill temporary vacancies? NannyCare has a wide register of experienced nurses and preschool teachers. We can assist to fill vacant positions or when extra staff is needed.

 We also offer a recruitment services when you are looking for new employees. We promise a qualified, fast and secure recruitment service. The recruitment process is free, and you only pay for candidates you choose to proceed with.



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